Emar Vogelaar


Prof. of Clinical Nutrition


  • 1962-1969: University of Utrecht ;Biochemistry and Endocrinology.
  • 1969-1974: Central Laboratory Netherlands Red Cross; Thesis: Optimal use of human blood.
  • 1974-1982: Laboratory director of laboratory for MD’s including preventive health care.
  • 1982-1987: Director of thrombosis service of Red Cross.
  • 1982-1999: Director of MDPC:preventive health clinics. 1984-Present: Director of WHL (World Health Laboratories); formerly called ELN(European Laboratory of Nutrients). 
  • 1988- Present: President of WHF(World Health Foundation).
  • 2005-Present: Professor of Clinical Nutrition: Medical faculty of Benadir University
  • 2018-Present President of ISNO (International Society of Nutritional Oncology)


Advanced Nutritional Check-up for Reverse Aging and improving Health

Essential nutrients are considered to be essential for human life. Vitamins and minerals are cofactors of enzymes. Amino acids are part of all proteins including those of the immune system. Essential Fatty Acids are important part of membranes and are precursors of prostaglandins. Essential nutrients also perform many important other functions in the human body. A deficiency of one of the more then 40 essential nutrients may cause already a diminished activity of the immune system. A healthy life is a life with a minimal interference of colds, flu and other simple infections many people suffer each year several times. Other small symptoms such as fatigue (less energy), poor skin health and mood may be caused also by one deficiency. These symptoms occur also in between the so called RDA intake and optimal health. The same situation is applicable to the prevention of many diseases such as Cancer, Cardiovascular Disease, Dementia, Stoke/TIA’s, Osteoporosis and many more. Too much of a certain nutrients may also cause health problems.

It is extremely important for Anti-Aging or reaching optimal health to reduce the above mentioned infections to less than once per year and furthermore to reduce the risk of all the mentioned diseases. If disturbed functions are returning to levels normal for a younger age then we call it reverse aging. Currently most people consume even below the RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) which is lower than the amount needed for optimal health. Also each person has his/her personal need for each nutrient causing checking the body levels even more important.

With the Advanced Nutritional Check-up most of the body status of these essential nutrients are measured. It consists of vitamin testing and essential fatty acids in blood. Minerals/trace elements in blood(cells) and 24 hour urine. Also Amino acids in urine. In total more than 100 tests (also semi essential nutrients are measured and toxic substances mostly toxic minerals).

Based on the obtained results (includes interpretation advice if requested) the diet can be improved and certain supplements can be advised. This results in most cases in a sustaining better health and in some cases to reverse aging.

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