Jerry Torrance



Studied Physics, Chemistry, and Materials Science at Stanford, Berkeley, Harvard. Worked 20 years at IBM Research Lab in New York and California on basic science behind materials, such as magnetic semiconductors, organic metals and superconductors, organic magnets, and ceramic oxide superconductors. Worked 20 years for 53 different small start-up companies in Silicon Valley, included Solar-N (which co-founded). Fellow American Physical Society, more than 120 publications in top journals. Officially retired, but member of Board of Directors of Madrid Nano-Science Center and actively researching science of aging and longevity.


«Quantitative relationship between age-associated mortality and telomere length»

Aging is quantitatively measured by the mortality rate and models of aging should be able to correctly calculate it.  Using a simple model of short telomere length induced senescence and telomere data for about 800 Canadian men and women, we are able to derive 4 parameters to characterize the telomere data and reasonably reproduce the Canadian mortality data for both men and women.  These results suggest that short telomere length induced senescence is a critical element in the majority of diseases of aging, i.e., cancer, cardiovascular disease, etc.»

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